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I am a visual story teller and I approach every shot as a collaboration, I seek beauty believing that nothing is more beautiful than our relationships and by being fully present I am able to create moments, interactions and experiences that honor our bonds with our beloved ones. 

In my early years, as a student, I fell in love with documentary cinematography. I wanted my shooting experience to be fun and easy - that is how I capture images that are true to you.

I use aerial shots of the beautiful places we are surrounded by, I add lovely melodies and capture candid moments. My greatest desire is that years from now you’ll look back on your images  and remember these days as if they were yesterday. 

Either you are looking for wedding films or wedding photography please contact me to get a quote ,me and my team are looking foward to tell your love storie. 



A good visual strategic can ensure the correct reception of the message you need to transmit , if you make fell the public you can create a bond with your brand ,  we are living  in a world where the consumer need to have an identification more than just  a need to  buy a product. 


Imagine ideas from scratch , developing and focusing the creation of a brand identity where you buyer nest can identify as an autenthic and unique is exactly where Im looking for when I direct commercial projects. 

For more information about the pricing on our photo and video commerical content, please contact me to get a quote according to your project. 

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