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I'm based in Punta Cana, as we all know this unique paradise is one of the top places to invest in the real estate of the world. 

I have been working on real estate marketing since I arrived on the island five years ago. Being able to create signature commercial campaigns for real estate companies,  shooting beautiful properties and filming paradisiac environments to inspire possible prospects and future owners.

To connect a potential buyer with a property, I always recommend my clients to create a full package of imagery. This includes regular real estate photography, establishing documentary shots of the environment the property is surrounded, aerial shots and of course a virtual tour of the estate.

I have a complete menu of services to make your property stand out from the rest.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about photography and videography services.



Standard property photography , i care about details.


Why only still images ?  A video can 

make you feel like you are here.


Go high ! Aerial video and photography

will take your property to another llevel.

Welcome , make your self at home !

Feel free to have a look in every single corner of the property.


Each property is unique, I mix general shots with those little details that will make you photography catalog OUTSTANDING.

I know interior design is a priority. That's why I'm very careful taking care of details, lights, colors inside and outside the properties. You can be sure that nothing is going to miss out from your concept. 


A property value is affected by the environment that surrounds it whether that is peaceful golf courses, Magnificent marinas, quiet lakes, commercial markets or the beautiful sandy beaches etc.

That is why I got you covered, establishing documentary shots will make the prospect feel like they are walking around the street of the property, playing a tennis match or swimming on the sea or perhaps enjoying a romantic sunset.

As we all know the best guide for a new person in town is a local, that's why you will love how this documentary shot combined with your regular real state is the perfect way to highlight your real estates properties.