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I grew up in a region of México where the natural places have a lot of influence over our culture. These places have a long history as ecological reserves or even sacred places with a high spiritual value.


The seeds of my desire to become a photographer were planted by my grandfather. He has this old fashion slide projector with a lot of slide frames of beautiful landscapes. I remember spending long hours dreaming that one day I will be visiting these fantastic places so different from where we lived. On the other side my father taught me to respect, to listen and to feel part of nature. I grew up being a part of it. 


My current documentary work of natural places are so far my own personal studies. These places are where I go to get inspiration and a deeper connection with the divine. The main point of my imagery is to transmit peace, serenity and connection between earth, the souls and the Gods. I deeply believe that only in these kinds of places you will find this feeling. 

I'll be so glad to collaborate on your project, please contact me to get more information.


The base of all my work resides in my landscape photography passion, natural places are the energy of my motivational batteries. 

I have a very special and personal collection of these moments. Captured moments in time that will never go back, from sunsets to sunrises they are the words for my visual poetry.

All my landscape pictures are available to purchase.


My nature films are my way to tell mother earth “I'm part of you, I respect you”.

In almost a meditative way, the narrative of my videos can transmit my personal interpretation honoring the ancient souls of the lands.

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