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A good visual strategy can ensure the correct reception of the message you need to transmit. If you make the public feel, you can create a bond with your brand and consumers. We are living in a world where the consumer needs to have a true identification more than just a need to buy a product. 


Imagine ideas from scratch, develop and focus on the creation of a brand identity where the buyer nest can identify as authentic and unique. This is exactly what I'm looking for when I direct commercial projects. 

For more information about the pricing on our photo and video commercial content, please contact me to get a quote according to your project.




Many of my clients are entrepreneurs who are looking for that killer business profile photo or that corporate headshot with a twist.

Include imagery like this on your website, in your social media, in your public speaking and blogging. This lets your viewers get to know you better. You’ve figured out a crystal clear niche, so these images will help potential clients like you and begin to build trust. Show, don’t tell that's the trick. It will attract the perfect tribe to you.

Align your brand with what they need, and you’ll create an experience your audience wants. When you get clear on who you want to serve, you become visible.


  A talent portfolio is an essential tool for a model to gain professional work. It is a collection of professionally shot images that is ultimately your visual modeling CV used to advertise your skills and abilities in front of the camera.